We  source procure and export the following out of the United Kingdom ,Europe and China .This is done specifically to the clients requirement and finally we make the process as simple as possible adhering to client satisfaction, below is a list of some of the items we export.

Our services include the export of the following:

  • Electrical Hardware
  • Instrumentation Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Personnel effects
  • Engines for trucks & Cars
  • Vehicles, being trucks and cars
  • Construction equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Truck and automotive Spare parts
  • Agricultural Equipment and much more.

Anyone wishing to purchase smaller items up to 30 kilos be it personal effects, electronics , spare parts, household goods can do so by contacting ourselves directly, we purchase on your behalf and export the items being anything between 1 and 30 kilos ,bulk items can also be purchased but the minimum weight is 50 kilos. All goods exported from the U.K. have a 7 to 10 day delivery period.

"We have a never too small or never too big policy on goods to source ,procure and freight to your country."

We only charge 10 percent of the total cost  of the cost, insurance and freight of your goods.

Finally, we are able to source goods primarily from the UK and China also America for those wishing to purchase American goods and products.

All inquiries can be sent via  email